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UNIST Daycare Center is available for children of Teachers, Staff, Researchers, Students (undergraduates and graduate students) who work at UNIST.
The admission of Daycare Center is carried out once a year, and we recruit the children who enter in March in October of the last year. Announcement for admission will be announced through Intranet of UNIST. Application will be completed when the application is received by the Daycare center within the application period. We do not accept applications except for application period.
The common documents are The application form. Family relationship certificate, and The Parents' certificate of employment at UNIST. If you are both working parents, you must provide proof of this. If you are a foreigner, you must submit A copy of Alien ID Card and CERTIFICATE OF ALIEN REGISTRATION.
A child can go to the Daycare Center by the end of the month of their parent's employment (or enrollment) at UNIST. If there is any change regarding parent's employment (or attendance), you must notify the Daycare Center about 1 month in advance.


Charge(Child care Fee, Entry Fee, Special Activity Fee, Field Trip Fee) and preparation material

When entering a Daycare Center, Child care fee must be paid each month. If the parent's nationality is Korean, the government subsidizes the child care fee in full. However, in order to receive child care fee, you must apply for child care fee through your local resident center or online (http://www.bokjiro.go.kr/) before child to enter to Daycare Center. If you want to buy a bag or a blanket bag designated by the Daycare Center, you have to pay the cost. If you do not want to buy it, you do not have to pay. Special Activity Fee and Filed Trip Fee are for infants Age 3~5 years old and will not be paid unless you participate in Special Activity Fee or Filed Trip Fee.
Age 1~3 is need to Nap time, So this Age child need a Blanket and pillows for Nap time. There is no preparation to submit to the Daycare Center.


Hygiene and nutrition management

The Daycare Center provides meals according to the diets prepared by the dietitian, and daily sanitation is maintained by cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen and the nursery. The food materials for meals are purchased through the cooperation, and materials not sold by the cooperation are purchased at Pulmuone.
The teachers in Daycare Center understand that the children have different degrees of development and helps them to do it themselves by giving proper help accordingly. If you can help your child to eat at home and wash their hands by themselves in consultation with the Daycare Center, it can be helpful to adapt to life in Daycare Center.
When a child comes to Daycare Center, we check a child's body temperature twice a day or more. If a child feels sick or has a fever, the nurse will contact you after identifying the child's condition. If the temperature exceeds 38 ‚ĄÉ, a child should go to the doctor 's office with parents. If a child is diagnosed with an infectious disease, a child should be taken care at home until it is cured. Also, after a doctor's report is submitted that the infectious disease has been cured, a child can attended to Daycare Center.
If a child is injured during time in Daycare Center, the nurse first contacts parents after first aid. Depending on the severity of the injury, parents can transfer a child to a designated hospital (first aid agreement) for treatment, and if necessary, additional treatment will be provided for treatment. If a child is injured during time in Daycare Center, a child can get treatment support from your accident insurance.



Although it is not fixed time, it is helpful to participate in the play with the friends before the beginning of the Regular class time (about 10:00). If a child does not attend by 11:00 or are absent, Please inform to Daycare Center (Call or KIDSNOTE)
It is possible to come back home early for adaptation for Daycare Center and stable life and please consult with teachers. Also, if there is a special circumstance and a child is going home early, unlike usual, please tell it to a teacher in advance.
In case of a newcomer child, a child can play with parents in the class room, and we help them adjust to the new environment. If parents are curious about how a child lives in the daytime after the adjustment period, parents can visit and observe at any time. However, if parents go into the class room and see, other children may be affected, please look through the window in the hallway. Also, through becoming 'Parents volunteer'(Lunch Helper, Classroom cleaning Helper, Play time Helper, Library Helper etc), parents can see and experience children's Daycare Center lives.