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A Child Should Grow up in a Supportive Environment

Children feel, learn, and grow through play. Play is an expression of emotions and a way for them to converse. Therefore, we want them to be close to nature, actively exploring their surrounding environment. We will help them grow into creative individuals through educational activities centered on play. We also believe that teachers should respect their charges and play with them with all the warmth in their hearts so that childhood does not disappear It is important for children to have the leisure to explore their environments with all their sense until their curiosity is satisfied.

A Warm and Comfortable Space

We organize the environment and schedule daily activities so that infants and young children who spend most of the day at day care centers can relax and be comfortable. They can enjoy the time here rather than be stressed by a strictly designed schedule. We also create a space where they expand their five senses through new and exciting play and natural learning rather than stereotypical pedagogy.

A Childcare Center Where Everyone Is Happy

The children, parents, and school staff all need to be happy to nurture children who laugh, parents who trust, teachers who work happily, and a daycare that you want return to. The UNIST childcare center is always full of love and does its best to make everyone happy.